Wisconsin State Pipe Trades Council





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(MADISON, Wis.) – The Wisconsin construction industry is committed to the health, safety and welfare of our workforce and the public. Our respective organizations represent labor and management in the Wisconsin construction industry. We are continuing to support Governor Evers, legislative leaders and state agencies with their efforts to protect the health and well-being of the citizens of the State of Wisconsin.

Per the Governor’s latest order, we will continue to safely and efficiently provide essential services in the state, while educating employers and employees on best practices to conduct operations safely in accordance with DHS and CDC guidelines. Our industry has already taken great precautions in accordance with the CDC and OSHA, taking into account construction sites are unique workplaces with built-in social distancing that already require rigorous safety protocols.

Governor Evers’ order to exempt construction is consistent with other states that have issued “shelter at home” or “stay at home” orders. Work being done on roads and bridges, in hospitals, and other public works that are critical to operate efficiently and effectively during this pandemic must continue.  Even commercial building construction and multi-family housing sites could become a long-term risk to overall health and safety if left unfinished.

We understand these decisions are not made casually and we thank Governor Evers for his thoughtful and steady leadership in these difficult times. The decisions made by Governor Evers are not solely driven by the loss of jobs and tax-income in construction in the state, but also to avoid additional hazards and disruption to our neighbors already impacted by this public health emergency. We appreciate his well-reasoned approach. 

It is impossible to overstate the profound effect that COVID-19 has on us all. With this comes uncertainty among many industries. Our groups represent over 40,000 members of the Wisconsin building trades and thousands of businesses that are literally building Wisconsin. We understand the importance of balancing public health with the need to address critical infrastructure projects. We do not take our roles lightly and are keeping the power on, commerce moving, hospitals working, public works operational and construction projects safe.

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